Heavy-gauge steel body and door. Fire rated at 1,400°F for 30 minutes. Keypad lock with key override. Adjustable shelves. Secure to floor. 3 locking bolts. Mounting hardware included.

Site Being Transferred

So we have a marketing specialist that is more than capable of sending our site through the roof! We have added another bundle to the front page features and you will receive an invoice right as you order. We will be lining up our side bar for the business solutions side of our site. The sidebar will consist of the top ten business items we have for sale. These items range from school supplies all the way to office and lockout tags for chemical storage and inspection. We offer over 10,000 items in our business solutions section that we are developing that all your business or personal needs should be met.

Crochet Insert Backless Tassel Set $35

Bling Boy is at it again!

So we have updated our Big Business Bundle and have added a huge free gift with your start up purchase! We have updated our homepage bundles that will give you more of a variety from head to toe. Thank you for all your patience and continued interest of the evolution of Bling Boy Bundles. Be on the lookout for our new service, Bling Boy’s Business Supplies and Solutions! 

With my searching prowess, I have found a function that should help ease all of you lovely ladies into all the seasons. I am going to dress you all from head to toe instead of just single item bundles. This will allow more contests for free and applications for free. We are now offering a sign up on site for free that we will start a contest who can create the Best Model Signature Site! This is a future site change and we will be working hard with the Queen to get this in order and finalize the layout. We are trimming the number of pages and we are getting a better communication ratio from other models on what we need and want to do to market more women in this industry. There is limitless beauty amongst you and we intend to Bling it all into the open! Love all of you—–Bling Boy

Floral Lace Tassel Beach Kimono $45

I Found Her, I Found Her, I Found Her!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now solid in our Lucky Logo Lady. We have found what we are looking for and will be posting her photos soon when we finally have shoot the photos I want! Believe me when I say you all can look like this and if not, then we will have a plus size model advisor when we are fully functional. I will ask that your application fee be one of the bundles that are on site and with our Logo Lady set, she will be able to bring more of the hottest and fashionable trends that you all like and want. We will be moving into a better layout showing where all of you can and will be placed! The sidebar will be the top ten and our logo lady will have complete say over which ladies will be shown here month to month! There will always be a plus size model included in the top ten. I am super stoked at the chance to produce my legit Logo Lady to help you all verify who she is. She is fun and a normal mom that loves a good time and we will hook you up to her when all the pieces are in place! This is just the beginning for her daughter, she will start the kids addition later down the road with a Bling Boy Brats addition! We all know kids can be bratty so we like to remind them that the best way to be a Brat is become a model. Stay tuned for all the announcements and picture updates. Bling Boy Is At It AGAIN! I say REALLY REALLY!

Lucky Logo Lady Contest

By buying a bundle with us this will enter you into the Luck Logo Lady contest. No max amount is needed just one of the bikini or shoe bundles. The top 100 will get into the next round and the top 11 will fill the sidebar and the number 1 of the 11 will be the Lucky Logo Lady! will be filling up the Bling Babes Bundle if you don’t want to enter so you will receive more than before. With authority to slice a price I will be able to give you a bigger package!

Bling Boy Bundles Contest

Hi there everyone, I am back with a contest to find my lucky logo lady! This contest consists of buying one of the available shoe bundles or bikini bundles. When you receive your bundle, model the things you have received and submit a video to blingboybundles0877@gmail.com. The top 100 videos and will then be placed into another contest automatically to determine the top ten and the Lucky Logo Lady. There will be only 10 slots on the sidebar to fill so have a great time. I really am hoping for a good response because I would like to start producing videos of the top 100. It would be a compilation of all of you to show you all off but first things first, how about getting my contest started. If you are not in the top 100, then refer to the Bling Babes Section of the site and see what you do get when you spend! I am adjusting the Bling Babes package because I have been given the authority to slice a price so be on the lookout for the contest form with attached invoice for payment, coming later when I can configure the marketing forms and entries! I love this entire world to the ends of time so let’s have some fun making a movie together. Lucky Logo Lady gets to come spend an entire week with me or one of 2 other Bling Brothers that will show you around our state and take you out for a good time. There is no contest without some stipulation and mine is just buy the stuff to model and see if you win. I will also be adding to the Bling Babes package so will have more to look forward to when you get you things from Bundles of Bling! Be watching for changes in the bundles as well as I am going to move into bundling entire outfits for you to model and wear. Thanks for following hope to model you soon! I will be starting a poetry contest in July, each submission is a $1 and the winner will get featured on my front page and receive a $100 gift-card by visa! Men will get the same! Be looking out for that contest as well. Happy Spring and Summer to you all!