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List Of Services With Free Estimates!

Purchasing a Domain Link Import From Bling Boy Bundles!

This is to get your link posted on my site! With this payment you will be allowed to upload your website to my PayPal and I will place your link on the main menu. The more you pay the more times I will post for you!


  • Web Hosting $30 yearly
  • Financial Investment Opportunities
  • Video Ad Production With Pinnacle Studio Programs
  • Virtual Office Space Rental
  • Database Building Storage and Record Keeping $30/hourly
  • Catering and All Forms Of Food Services $30/hourly
  • All Forms Of Construction/Landscaping $60/hourly
  • Welding and Fabrication $60/hourly
  • Private Catered Home Services (daily service) $35/hourly
  • Gaming Society For Gamers

Please allow 72 hours for confirmation of the top five of this list as it will take us time to prepare all legal aspects of these types of transactions! We will give you a free estimate and any finacial investment, domain rental, or any high risk investment opportunity with us will require a face to face meeting to sign monetary contract before services begin! ASK ALL QUESTIONS BELOW!

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