Bling Boy is at it again!

So we have updated our Big Business Bundle and have added a huge free gift with your start up purchase! We have updated our homepage bundles that will give you more of a variety from head to toe. Thank you for all your patience and continued interest of the evolution of Bling Boy Bundles. Be on the lookout for our new service, Bling Boy’s Business Supplies and Solutions! 

With my searching prowess, I have found a function that should help ease all of you lovely ladies into all the seasons. I am going to dress you all from head to toe instead of just single item bundles. This will allow more contests for free and applications for free. We are now offering a sign up on site for free that we will start a contest who can create the Best Model Signature Site! This is a future site change and we will be working hard with the Queen to get this in order and finalize the layout. We are trimming the number of pages and we are getting a better communication ratio from other models on what we need and want to do to market more women in this industry. There is limitless beauty amongst you and we intend to Bling it all into the open! Love all of you—–Bling Boy


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