I Found Her, I Found Her, I Found Her!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now solid in our Lucky Logo Lady. We have found what we are looking for and will be posting her photos soon when we finally have shoot the photos I want! Believe me when I say you all can look like this and if not, then we will have a plus size model advisor when we are fully functional. I will ask that your application fee be one of the bundles that are on site and with our Logo Lady set, she will be able to bring more of the hottest and fashionable trends that you all like and want. We will be moving into a better layout showing where all of you can and will be placed! The sidebar will be the top ten and our logo lady will have complete say over which ladies will be shown here month to month! There will always be a plus size model included in the top ten. I am super stoked at the chance to produce my legit Logo Lady to help you all verify who she is. She is fun and a normal mom that loves a good time and we will hook you up to her when all the pieces are in place! This is just the beginning for her daughter, she will start the kids addition later down the road with a Bling Boy Brats addition! We all know kids can be bratty so we like to remind them that the best way to be a Brat is become a model. Stay tuned for all the announcements and picture updates. Bling Boy Is At It AGAIN! I say REALLY REALLY!


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