Bling Boy Babes Coming Soon!

What is that noise I hear, Bling Bling, yes that is right, Bling Boy Babes is coming soon ladies. It will be a signup fee but the bundles will be excellent! We keep it 300 for that reason, just so you, the model of all types, get to customize and sell all the fashions we are putting together. We are looking far and wide for the best deals to get up, ha ha, on the site. Let’s keep all those request coming in. I want each and every one of you to take the time to invest in yourself and let me market that natural beauty within! Why the signup fee? This allows you all the premium features of customization to lay out that Bling Beauty you all want to show off. There will be an application for all of you! Reason for the application, we have 3 major investors that will be able to place you into the marketing field you will match up with and clients you will connect with. We are not a dating site and not a porn site. We are a classy, sensual, modeling site for women’s and men’s affordable fashions. STAY TUNED!


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